About Us


Vyooh is an innovative company that produces industry-leading software systems for managing computer systems and IT infrastructure. By revolutionizing how information is processed, organized and presented, Vyooh has emerged as the industry-trendsetter in overcoming the ineffective, tabular methods of "old millennium" enterprise management and reporting.

With its origins in Sanskrit, the word vyooh, pronounced "view", represents an arrangement, structure, or pattern. In the same spirit, Vyooh provides arrangement and structure to information assets using visually elegant informative patterns.

With offices in Southern California (USA) and New Delhi (India), Vyooh is well positioned to remain the industry-trendsetter in innovative enterprise software.

Our Products

DiskView - Our flagship product for visualizing hard disk space, is the only drive space management and visualization solution that provides information when and where you need it - right within Windows Explorer. With it's comprehensive reports on disk usage and health, DiskView is becoming a necessity for managing enterprise computer systems. DiskView allows 3rd millennium IT professionals to quickly identify opportunities for gains in efficiency and elimination of ineffective resource utilization by the clarity and flexibility found in its graphical representations. Now, enterprise managers are free to swiftly leverage information assets and redeploy poorly utilized resources with ease.

SplitView - Increases productivity by making it easy to work with multiple applications side by side. It helps make full use of your high resolution monitor and gives the benefit of dual monitors without their associated cost. SplitView is perfect for deploying Citrix and Remote Desktop with dual-monitors, and ideal for using dual-monitors in 'span' mode.

ViewScribe - Professional audio and video transcription on your PC. ViewScribe enables you to use Windows Media Player as a full featured, audio/video transcription system, complete with support for Foot Pedal for hands-free variable rate playback control. ViewScribe works with all text editors, and numerous media formats supported by Windows Media Player.

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