ViewScribe released!

We are happy to announce the release of ViewScribe Media Transcriber.


ViewScribe turns your PC into a professional and easy to use audio/video transcription system.

ViewScribe integrates nicely with Windows Media Player, enabling you to transcribe a variety of media formats (including .wav, .mp3, .asf, .wma, .wmv, .wm, .wma, .asx, .wax, .wvx, .wpl, .dvr-ms and more). This also allows you to use all the capabilities and features of Windows Media Player.

ViewScribe also provides support for USB foot pedals (including Infinity IN-USB-1, ECS IN-USB, VEC, VPedal, X-Keys and compatibles) allowing you to have hands-free payback control. Even if you don't have a foot pedal, you can still benefit from ViewScribe - all the functions are exposed through the user-interface.

The playback rate can be changed easily - you can change it from 0.25X to 4.0X using the intutive slider-bar, or with the foot pedal.

Finally, you can use your text editor of choice with ViewScribe. You can transcribe useing a full featured work processing application such as Microsoft Word, or even Notepad.

Give it a shot - try it free for 30 days!